Scott Fraser

Exploring the Blues for Guitar

A comprehensive and in depth harmonic approach to the blues and it's many styles, from traditional blues to contemporary jazz.

To the student:

  This book is designed for all aspiring guitarists who are interested in playing the blues. The book features the harmonic evolution of the blues and its many styles, from traditional blues to contemporary jazz. Upon completing this book the student should feel competent playing the blues in virtually any style of musical situation.
  Begin by practicing the first blues study, and when you have mastered it move on to the next study until you have completed the book. Experiment by playing what you have learned in different keys and positions. Be patient with yourself! There is a lot of information to cover. With perseverance and discipline you achieve you goals.
  Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, an amateur or a professional, you stand to benefit from the contents of the book. I am sure you will find the tremendous diversity and complexity of the music found in these pages to be exciting as well as rewarding.

Musically Yours,

Scott Fraser