Scott Fraser

Scott Fraser: Guitar Virtuoso

Scott Fraser, a native Minnesotan has been performing and debuting as a feature artist throughout the Midwest for forty-five years

At the age of eight, Scott began a dedicated study and quest, not only to master the guitar, but to be accomplished in playing all styles of music. Over the years Scott has evolved into one of the most consummate and sought after players in the region.

Scott has worked and opened for major recording artists and has performed at major clubs, casinos, shows, and concerts including appearances at the governors mansion.

As a guitar virtuoso and soloist he has been likened to Chet Atkins, Joe Pass, and Christopher Parkening. Scott's versatility and guitar styling range from jazz, classical, pop, latin, blues, and country.

Scott Fraser's versatility and virtuosity on the instrument qualify him as one of the foremost guitarists in the country. As a guitar soloist his virtuosity and versatility is without equal.